Client ········· Kerry Ellis
Agency ········· Freelance
Medium ········· Print/Digital

Kerry Ellis Design
I had the great pleasure of working with an interior designer in Sacramento who decided to branch out and start her own brand. After working through a few concepts we came to a clean look that reflected her design aesthetic. For printing the cards she really wanted a foil print to give it more of an elegant look which complemented the clean logo. 

Client ········· Benning Design Construction
Agency ········· Freelance
Medium ········· Print/Digital

Benning Design Construction
One of the more involving freelance projects I’ve done was for a family owned interior design firm who had been around for over 15-years, but wanted to re-brand themselves with a more modern approach, while also combining the father’s design firm with his son’s construction company to form one business. In addition to a logo, they needed their business system updated to have something to go on employee shirts, sweaters and signage in their new building. To fully understand their needs, I met with the owners and their design team to discuss the direction they wanted to go in. The goal was to create something dimensional yet more subtle than their previous logo mark, which was bright yellow and made up of half-tone patterns. My solution was a logo with clean lines and a sans-serif font that helped visually represent the high-quality aesthetic of their interior design work.

Client ········· The Antioch Synopsis
Agency ········· Freelance
Medium ········· Print

The Antioch Synopsis

The Antioch Synopsis is a 5 piece death metal band with a technical approach to songwriting that gives each track a visceral feel. This was their first full-length album composed of 3 acts which I depicted with dark grisly imagery from nature, representing the lyrical story that's being told while also tying in with the theme. I also redesigned the logo in a hand-lettered style to give it more of a raw feel, reflective of the unhinged style they're known for. Check out the full album at  

Client ········· Equality California
Agency ········· Lunia Blue
Medium ········· Print/Billboard

Resist Hate Campaign

This was a concept I worked on as part of an outdoor advertising campaign for a non-profit to promote equality. The photo was taken in our office using my hands and I spent a considerable amount of time in photoshop attempting to make the colors look as realistic as possible. This helped us get to the final printed design below. 

Client ········· Art Show
Agency ········· Freelance
Medium ········· Print

David Lynch Posters

This was a set of posters I created for a David Lynch themed art show. The challenge here was to put something together in a span of just a few short weeks and create multiple pieces so I wouldn’t just focus on one film. I wanted to design a set that was systematic while also capturing the themes from some of the director’s most iconic works. By containing each illustration into a rectangular format, I was able to connect the pieces through visual symmetry while also representing each film with iconic imagery that viewers would recognize.

2018 — Portland, OR
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